Sell Your Car

At Highlands Garage, we can provide you with two options for selling your car:


We purchase your motor vehicle outright with an immediate settlement in cash or to your account


Highlands Garage consignment is ideal for anyone who wants to sell their present car at a higher price and is happy to wait for the right buyer to come along. Leave the negotiating to us, and we will sell your vehicle in the shortest possible time and deposit the money into your bank account.

  • we securely display your car in our prestige vehicle showroom
  • we provide professional photography
  • we offer trade-in vehicles,
  • we offer a warranty,
  • we provide the legal protection of a guaranteed title,

and can arrange finance and loan payouts.


The benefits to yourself as the seller include:

  • a professional representative for the transaction,
  • no visitors to your home,
  • your privacy is protected at all times,
  • no disruption to your private life,
  • secure storage of the vehicle during the sales period.

We have successfully sold cars on consignment for many of our local and interstate clients. If you have a low kilometre motor vehicle to sell, we can handle the process for you.

We guarantee success on the cars we accept for sale at your agreed price.


Sell Your Car